The performance of a Gransfors Axe without the excess weight. Some small but perfectly formed axes for you to choose from.

Belt Hatchet Ref:410

This Baby of the Gransfors family is given as a christening gift to children born in the village of Gransfors. Don’t be fooled by its size it is a small, but powerful axe - perfect for trekking, carving, even gardening! On your belt or in your bag – it’s a handy tool to have around!

  • Cutting edge 2.5” / 65mm
  • Head weight 7oz / 0.2kg
  • Handle length 10.5” / 267mm
Hand Hatchet Ref:413

A short-handled axe - useful for many tasks! Using the head of the 415 Wildlife Hatchet, but a much shorter handle, those clever smiths at Gränsfors have created an excellent working axe. Also known as the ‘Kubben’, which translates as ‘bowler’, suggesting its original use for making bowls. While not all that much bigger than a full-sized bushcraft blade, the hand hatchet is like the stronger big brother to the survival knife.

  • Cutting edge 3” / 75mm
  • Head weight 1lb / 0.45kg
  • Handle length 9.5” / 240mm
Wildlife Hatchet Axe Ref:415

One of Gransfors most popular axes, the Wildlife Hatchet is lightweight, yet extremely versatile. It’s just the tool for campfires, chopping kindling.

  • Cutting edge 3” / 75mm
  • Head weight 1lb / 0.45kg
  • Handle length 13.5” / 343mm
Small Forest Axe Ref:420

A bestseller! The most popular axe from Gransfors - powerful and versatile, but convenient to carry and use. With a handle long enough to allow powerful chopping, but short enough to fit comfortably into your backpack, car boot or boat, it’s easy to see why this is the most popular axe.

  • Cutting edge 3.25” / 83mm
  • Head weight 1.5lb / 0.68kg
  • Handle length 19” / 483mm
Outdoor Axe Ref:425

This interesting addition to the range includes the protective steel collar seen on the splitting axes. The handle is a little longer and lighter than the Wildlife Hatchet. Developed by Gränsfors, Woodlore and Swedish survival expert Lars Fält, this axe is designed with bushcraft in mind, but would be equally good at home, for kindling and small tree work. A great all-rounder!

  • Cutting edge 2.25” / 60mm
  • Head weight 1lb / 0.45kg
  • Handle length 14” / 360mm