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About Gransfors

At Gransfors Bruks, the forging craft is allowed to take its time. The Gransfors smiths are not paid by the piece, but are rewarded for taking the necessary time and care to forge the best axe possible.


You will see from the axe-heads that no supplementary work,such as grinding or painting, is necessary, because no forging mistakes will make it through to a finished axe.The Gransfors smiths have nothing to hide, and are rightly proud of their professional standards. When they are satisfied with their work, they stamp their own initials on the axe head, alongside the Gransfors Crown logo. Find out more about the Gransfors Bruks forge by clicking on this link: Gransfors Bruks.


Gransfors Bruks forge a wide range of axes for Forestry, Firewooding, Hewing or Throwing, and are rated by many as among the best available. If you need help deciding which axe you need click here for our handy guide.


We feel a keen responsibility to ensure that knowledge of axes and axe making is preserved for future generations. We strive to make the best possible axes, based on three principles;

we make axes with the best possible function for their particular area of use, that have as little impact on our environment as possible and with respect for the people who create them.


Details of the Gransfors 20-year warranty can be read here: WARRANTY



Old traditions are adapted to today’s demands. Most of the handles of Gransfors Bruks axes have a unique ergonomic design which gives them a steady grip around the handle. All handles are made of selected high quality (prima) American hickory. Fibreglass handles are stronger than hickory handles but we believe that wooden handles are more ecological. Gransfors Bruks handles are soaked in hot linseed oil and dripped dry. They are then covered in beeswax to help keep the dirt off.


These superb axes from Gransfors Bruks of Sweden won’t let you down.


All Gransfors Bruks tools carry a 20-year guarantee. All Gransfors Bruks axes come with prime quality hickory handles. All Gransfors Bruks axes are stamped with the Gransfors Crown logo, and the initials of the smith who forged them.Most Gransfors Bruks axes come with a beautiful hand-made leather sheath. We’ll let you know if they don’t.


You get a copy of The Axe Book - Free with every axe.