2 person cutlery roll

Perfect for picnics and camping. Quality Stainless Steel ...

Sales price: £18.30

2 person dish set

Perfect for picnics and camping. Quality Stainless Steel ...

Sales price: £26.58

SB1 Swedish Blacksmithing book

A fascinating and definitive introduction to the craft.

Sales price: £29.85

WS1 Woodstrapper

The WoodStrapper makes splitting logs a quicker, easier and ...

Sales price: £24.96

2 in 1 bumbag/backpack

A versatile and lightweight treasure!

Sales price: £12.00

Travel wash bag & silicone bottles

Durable lightweight travel wash bag and spill proof ...

Sales price: £16.92

Ambidextrous Gauntlets

Extremely tough & reliable protective ambidextrous ...

Sales price: £7.98

4ft Gearline

The hang-anywhere, hang-anything 4' GearLine keeps camping ...

Sales price: £16.20

Orb tent light

A great little camp light; you might not want to read war ...

Sales price: £6.90

Round ended safety knife

This extremely versatile safety knife is a perfect all ...

Sales price: £11.58

Flamers trial pack

Sample pack for you to try. Natural, odourless and long ...

Sales price: £0.49

Flamers (50 pack)

Natural, odourless and long burning and you only need one ...

Sales price: £4.99

Cedar Puck (3 pack)

ZIPPO Camp Fire Starter Cedar Puck (3 pack)

Sales price: £6.45

BugLit LED Micro Flashlight - red

It's playful appearance hides a tough powerful and ...

Sales price: £11.94

Opinel Large Pruning Saw

A longer bladed super sharp pruning saw for even faster ...

Sales price: £34.74

Opinel pruning saw

This handy pocket size super sharp pruning saw is ideal for ...

Sales price: £22.38

Key Rack locker

Made of high quality stainless steel; a great way to keep ...

Sales price: £9.24

Insulated canteen PLUS cafe cap

Wide necked Brushed Stainless Steel insulated container ...

Sales price: £29.28

Brushed Stainless canteen & sports cap

Beautiful sustainable brushed Stainless Steel drinks bottle ...

Sales price: £26.46

Slide lock S-Biner fasteners 3 pack

Handy 3 pack of Stainless Steel easy locking S-Biners; 3 ...

Sales price: £9.96

3 silicone travel bottles

Set of 3 silicone bottles, great for taking toiletries on ...

Sales price: £12.00

Large slide lock

Organise, connect, carry, and keep your valuables extra ...

Sales price: £4.98

2 Pack Small Stainless Steel S Biner


Sales price: £3.96


The perfect size to hold and organise keys to rings or for ...

Sales price: £4.62

Large Stainless Steel plate

A lightweight yet durable large Stainless steel plate

Sales price: £4.62

Small Stainless Steel plate

A lightweight yet durable small Stainless steel plate

Sales price: £4.44

Stainless Steel bowl

A lightweight yet durable Stainless Steel bowl

Sales price: £4.50

Stainless Steel plates & bowl set

Save over 30% with this 3 item Multibuy: 1 large, 1small ...

Sales price: £11.28