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TON - Classic & Contemporary Furniture

TON furnitureTon Furniture - Great Styles, Built to Last and Great Value.

Greenwood Direct is proud to be a partner of TON, a global leader in furniture manufacture & design. Based in the Czech Republic, TON has produced excellent furniture for over a century.

TON portfolio

TON’s huge range includes the classic Bentwood beech chairs, still made in the same handcrafted way developed 150 years ago, that grace stylish cafes across the world.

TON products

Today, TON offers special collections suitable for both residential and commercial premises with various wood finishes and upholstery materials: fabrics, vinyls and leather, in an almost infinite variety of combinations.

TON products are simple, innovative, elegant and durable at the same time, with high level of comfort and safety, certified to international standards and sold at a reasonable price.

TON Guidebook (pdf download)

How to buy TON furniture from Greenwood Direct

  1. Download & Print our Enquiry Form: Greenwood Enquiry Form
  2. Choose your furniture type from the huge range on the TON website: TON CATALOGUE
  3. Write down the TON catalogue numbers & descriptions, and the quantities you require on our form
  4. Complete the form
  5. Either post or email the form to us
  6. We will respond with a price and delivery time
  7. If you accept our price, an advance payment of 50% will be required, with the balance due prior to shipping.

Our full TON terms & conditions can be downloaded here: TON-GDL Terms & Conditions

If you need any help – please just ask!

Tim Walton 07837 393147 or look at the contact us page.

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