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When we’re not busy designing & building with oak or sending axes we enjoy escaping into the great outdoors for a bit of back to basics outdoor living. With our new website we have a new department ‘Greenwood Living’ sharing with you some of the things we’ve discovered over the years. We only feature products here we’ve tried; things that make life better & easier, that we love using ourselves.

This May (though it felt more like February thanks to the Siberian wind blowing from the East!) we found the perfect place; ‘The Norfolk Brickyard’ to put some products to the test. We all warmed up gathering & chopping wood, and then kept warm around a roaring campfire, perfect for cooking & toasting marshmallows! 


The No.120 Opinel Folding Saw cut through branches with great ease, even in when used by the children and we soon had a large pile of kindling & firewood


Starting fires I was really impressed with the Cedar Pucks which got a great fire going in no time.


Unsurprisingly as it’s marketed as ‘my first Opinel’ Opinel’s No.7 Round Ended Safety Knife is safe to use with it’s rounded blade & locking safety ring, but it didn't perform like a child’s knife & was brilliant for peeling and chopping. I’ve now adopted it as a permanent bit of essential camping kit.


The Vacuum Insulated Klean Kanteen was brilliant at keeping drinks hot & with the addition of a Cafe Cap doubled as a mug to drink from. A large slide lock attached to the lid loop meant it could be easily clipped on a bag and carried.


The 4’ GearLine was brilliant giving somewhere to hang lights, dry clothes, clip keys, generally adding essential storage and sanity to the tent!