Gransfors Bruks


Everything that is produced requires resources and all these resources have some impact on our environment and on people.
What resources we use and what we use these resources for is a question of responsibility. We see it as a combination of environmental, ethical and social responsibility.
As a company, we have unlimited responsibility for the total picture and it is our obligation to work on these issues at all times.

Mankind has used axes for over a million years.
Throughout history, the axe has helped us source wood for our fires, build our houses and protect ourselves against enemies, and that’s just scratching the surface.
For much of human history, the axe has meant the difference between life and death.

Here at Gränsfors Bruk, we feel a keen responsibility to ensure that knowledge of axes and axe making is preserved for future generations.
We strive to make the best possible axes, based on three different perspectives.

We make axes with the best possible function for their particular area of use

We make axes that have as little impact on our environment as possible

We make axes with respect for the people who create them

Making a good product based on the perspectives above is our way of showing responsibility towards everyone who buys and uses our products, towards our environment and towards our staff.

Details of the Gransfors 20-year warranty can be read here: WARRANTY