413 Hand Hatchet


413 Hand Hatchet

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A short-handled carving axe - useful for many tasks!
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Manufacturer: Gransfors Bruks

Cutting edge 3" / 75mm Head weight 1lb / 0.45kg Handle length 9½" / 240mm

Using the head of the 415 Wildlife Hatchet, but a much shorter handle, those clever smiths at Gränsfors have created an excellent working axe.

Also known as the ‘Kubben’, which translates as ‘bowler’, suggesting its use for making bowls. We’d like to know what you use it for!

Comes to you sharp, with a protective leather sheath, and a copy of The Axe Book

Gränsfors Bruks give a 20-year guarantee.

This tool should not be bought by, or for, anyone under 18 years old.




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